Walk- Up Counter

We have a trained staff to help you with your urgent hose needs Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM.


Crimping capabilities up to 12" I.D. Hose. Crimping is a superior attachment method to bands or clamps, providing the highest hose assembly working pressures possible. Crimped assemblies also eliminate the possibility of snagging a buckle or bolt on other equipment or an operator's clothing.

New Assemblies

We offer a large variety of hoses and fittings to best suit your application and needs.

Hose Certification/Testing

We can test your hose assemblies to industry standards or to your own specifications. if required we can keep complete records on your hose assemblies via a web-based tracking system, alerting key people to the need for re-testing and certification.


We evaluate your hose assemblies and suggest a repair or replacement.